Phase III CUSTOM ICRS personalized products production technologies through fast micro injection
1. „A thinner technology from thick to thin films microprocessing of microelectronics hybrids circuitry by laser precision trimming”, Paper no 690,Proceeding Conference 4M/IWMF 2016 pp186/190, Lyngby, Copenhagen,13/15 Sep.2016 Denmark , published by Scientific Research Publishing, Singapore D. Ulieru, Oana Maria Ulieru, A.Topor, Xavi Vila
2. „3D Printing technology of biocompatible materials for biomedical applications”Micro and Nano Manufacturing: H2020 Pilot and FoF Activities 2017, 4M2020 Workshop,12 septembrie 2016 , Lyngby, Copenhagen, Denmark D.Ulieru
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 Phase II Innovative microinjection system research under pressure, complete monitored in controlled  microenvironment conditions (aseptic)
1. 4M Multimaterial Micromanufacturing Workshop, January 4/5 2016 Bruxelles, Belgium Presentation ” The complex solutions of visual inspections for quality control of high accuracy micromolding parts” D.Ulieru, A.Topor, X.Vila.
2. SENSOR+TEST 2016, May 10/12 2016, Nuremberg, Germany, Communication „The innovative sensing system for particles monitoring into ultraclean environment” D.Ulieru
3. Industrial Technologies Conference 2016, June 22-24 2016, Amsterdam, Netherlands Contribution presented by poster P20 with the title: „Wireless innovative sensors network application for health condition monitoring of micro/nanomanufacturing chains” D.Ulieru, X.Vila, Oana-Maria Ulieru. A.Topor
 Phase I Study and analysis of databases for material characteristics of ocular implants